23 December 2021

Dam of Pian Sapeio (GE)

The interventions carried out by PAC SpA are divided into two distinct areas:

  • surface drain refurbishment;
  • intervention to adapt the dam body.

The first intervention involves the demolition of the current surface and middle ground drains and their reconstruction, in the same site, with dimensional characteristics such as to allow the evacuation of the new project flow.

The operating scheme of the new surface drain still envisages the presence of two outlet channels to release the discharged flow within the two narrow orographic incisions already used for this purpose in the current state.

The main intervention on the body of the Pian Sapeio dam consists in the transformation of the current dam in multiple vaults into a lightened gravity dam.

The dam body is transformed into gravity type by filling the spaces between the spurs with concrete.

The vaults of the upstream facing are maintained and form a formwork for the new castings, while downstream a sloping formwork is erected with the same angle as the spurs. Since the new dam body with the two strongly inclined faces is too massive and of overabundant resistance, it will be lightened with hollow internal compartments.