Hydroelectric Plant of Maso Contra and Maso Castra in Pejo (TN)

The project relates to the construction of two hydroelectric run-of-river plants called “Maso Contra” and “Maso Castra” for a total power of approximately 14 MW.

Before defining the project, PAC developed the Business Plan in order to optimize the investment in relation to the expected energy production as the object of the work refers to the design, construction and management of the plants

The environmental aspect played an important role during the design phase, because the plants are located within an important Italian mountain nature reserve (Stelvio National Park).

The “Maso Contra” plant mainly consisted of the following works: intake structure, a steel penstock with a diameter of 2200 mm and a length of 1800 meters.

The power plant is a structure designed to respect the mountain context and contains nr. 3 Francis turbines, transformers, control panels, as well as technical services.

In cascade there is the second plant, called "Maso Castra". This system is completely similar to the previous one, the intake is made up in part by the unloading of the first system and in part by a intake on the Noce stream.

The pipeline has a diameter of 2200mm and a length of 1400 meters. The pipeline is completely underground and reinforced with reinforced concrete blocks in the presence of particular curves.

The power plant being completely underground fits perfectly into the landscape and houses nr. 3 Francis turbines, transformers, control panels, as well as technical services.

For both plants, important consolidation works were carried out such as micropiles in order to support the existing infrastructures for the subsequent excavation for laying the pipeline.

At the end of the works, an overall environmental arrangement project allowed for an excellent insertion of the structures in the mountain context.

The hydroelectric structures are connected by roads built according to the requirements of local planning.