21 December 2021

Kofl and G3 Tunnel in Val d’Ultimo (BZ)

Expansion and improvement of the stretch from km 11.500 to km 13.270 on the SP 9 Val D'Ultimo in the Municipality of San Pancrazio. The provincial road n. 9 is the only road axis of the Val d'Ultimo and allows the connection with the Val di Non passing through Proves. The road section between San Pancrazio and Santa Valburga which goes from km 11,500 to km 13,270 is made up of three short and narrow tunnels. It winds along a winding and steep path and, especially for heavy vehicles, forms a dangerous bottleneck on the road to Val d’Ultimo.

The executive project of the Kofl tunnel includes the construction of a tunnel with a total length of approximately one kilometer in Class C and the construction of an escape tunnel. Traditional excavation is mainly carried out in solid rock. The section of the pre-portal and the west portal (“Neuweg 'portal) are partially in loose material and are made in the open air.

The tunnel was lined with shotconcrete and then waterproofed by applying TNT and then finished in concrete.