21 December 2021

Cable Way Pontal d’Entraves-Punta Helbronner (AO)

The Mont Blanc Cable Way offer anyone the opportunity to climb into the heart of the Mont Blanc massif (the experience is not surprisingly called the Eighth Wonder of the World). The new major project, which required an investment of 110 million euros over five years of construction, involved the complete reconstruction of the three plants, starting from Pontal d'Entrèves (1.300 m a.s.l.), in a much more accessible area, close to the motorway and with large underground parking lots. The new intermediate station has been moved to the left of the current one looking at the line from the valley towards the mountain, while at Punta Helbronner (3.466 m a.s.l.) the new buildings have completely replaced the old ones on the same site. The new facilities allow a significantly higher range, eliminating the long queues that sometimes required hours of waiting and, thanks to greater comfort, significantly improve the experience of climbing to the highest peak in Europe.