21 December 2021


The works carried out by PAC Spa are the following:

• lot 0A, SP 19 - Tang connection. South of Brescia;

• lot 0B, Tang redevelopment. South of Brescia;

• lot 0C, Redevelopment of former SS510;

• lot 0D, Variant SS11 Mandolossa.

Lot 0A is for about 6 km from the progressive km 0 + 000, coinciding with the start of the new BBM motorway axis, up to the intersection with the Brescia South Ring Road. Proceeding from the progressive km 0 + 000 towards the east, the motorway axis connects with other roads by means of the following junctions: SP19 junction at pk 0 + 450, Travagliato Ovest and Travagliato Est junctions respectively at pk 1 + 900 and 4 + 900 for finally merge into the connection with the Brescia South Ring Road. The road network in question develops for the first half in trenches and for the second half in embankments; in particular, the trench section extends from pk 0 + 200 to pk 2 + 800, including the SP19 and Travagliato Ovest junctions; the embankment stretch extends from pk 2 + 800 up to the southern ring road. There are also hydraulic areas where the first rain rainwater treatment plants will be located, which will discharge the treated water in dispersing tanks.

The road project of lot 0B - Rehabilitation of the Brescia South ring road concerns the construction of two non-contiguous sections of the current Brescia South ring road ex SS11 at the Roncadelle junction and the Brescia Ovest junction. The interventions fall within the municipalities of Brescia and Roncadelle.

Lot "0C - Redevelopment of the former S.S. 510 ", has its initial stronghold north of the interconnection junction with the southern ring road of Brescia, and extends uphill for a stretch of about 1,700 m, until it reaches the ramps of the current junction in" Metra "; in addition, the project includes the construction of a new ramp that will connect the S.S. 11 Padana Superiore with the former S.S. 510, heading north.

Lot 0D called provincial road "S.S.11 and Mandolossa '' at Pk 7 + 350 of the southern ring road of Brescia. The planned section has its initial stronghold in the south on the roundabout relating to lot 0A for the extension of the Brescia bypass. It develops towards the north for a stretch of about 1150 m, until it reaches the roundabout on the S.S. 510 "Via Enrico Fermi" in correspondence with the intersection with via Cavezzo and Togni. The provincial road interferes with two structures planned in the prog. Pk 0 + 490 for the FS MI-VE line and the AV / AC line (formerly SOD01 - work under the responsibility of RFI) and prog. 0 + 675 for the Brescia Edolo railway line (SOD02).