21 December 2021

Ora Ring Road (BZ)

The main works of the Ora ring road built by PAC SpA are:

• Castelfeder Gallery (998 m.)

• Montan Gallery (145 m., Located on the variant of the S.S.48)

• Galleria San Daniele (1062 m. Natural and 200 m. Artificial under the Ora centro roundabout)

• A 20m high embankment embankment.

The San Daniele Gallery is the main work of the Ora ring road of the S.S.12 del Brennero, in the context of the road connection of this North-South road axis of Trentino - Alto Adige with the S.S.48 Ora - S. Lugano.

It is a 1100m long bi-directional natural tunnel, with section characteristics such as the intrados radius in current section of 5.55 m, the road platform 8.50 m wide (one lane in each direction 3.75 m wide, plus two 0.50 m quays), and two sidewalks with an average width of 1.5 m. In the Gallery there is a rest area for each path and an "escape route" consisting of a 210m long, suitably equipped pedestrian tunnel.

The most demanding stretch of excavation consists of a large chamber of exceptional dimensions for the type of road tunnels (the largest in Italy, the sixth in the world), located at the southern entrance, capable of accommodating unidirectional ramps beyond the main carriageway. at the entrance and exit connecting the roundabout between the SS12 and the SS48.